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Mama Flowers: Listen To Our Mama

Mama took a while to agree to talk to me, and she did not agree to take a picture (hence, the flowers picture): "I don't want no one to know my story. I'm Mama and I sell flowers. That's all they need to know". So I sat by her side for a little while just to observe.

At some point we were interrupted by an obnoxious guy who was trying to hit on me: "Here is my business card. Free sex any time, starting now". He wouldn't leave us alone until Mama yelled at him and threatened to kick his butt. That was our bonding moment. She suggested I carry a massing spray. I asked her if she does, and she said "I got my hands". People passing by Atlantic Ave, in front of Salt7, and they know Mama. They stop to say ‘Hi’, give her a hug, and share their stories with her. She has an advice for everyone: “I love the people in Delray. All people, every single one of them…even the nasty ones”. When I asked her to clarify if people are being nasty, she said that “the flashing lights” brought in some nasty ones. “I’ve been here for 11 years. It’s not what it used to be”. She noted that parents are often busy drinking while their kids are running around “they don't buy them anything... One mom gave her child only $1. They’re too busy”. Although more roses are being purchased than bubble guns for kids, still, not as many are being sold as in the past.

As couples are passing by, I can’t help notice the men tend to look down or away, while the women smile at her and nod, with a bit of disappointment. I asked Mama if she thinks romance is dead. She said “The problem is that some women just give it up too fast. They sleep with the guy and then he doesn't need to buy her a flower anymore. But there's a lot of good guys out here… the women don't want them”.

Mama doesn’t have hours or days of operation. She shows up when she feels like it. Sometimes, at the end of the night, if she feels like it, she will randomly select people “in her mind” to whom she might give out a rose to. As we sat there, a homeless guy passed by and complimented her creativity with the flowers. She handed him a flower and an advice: "wherever you want to go in life you can go…. remember that. Look at me!"

Next time you pass by Mama say ‘Hi’ and don’t forget to receive your dose of Relationship or life advice, from our neighborhood’s mama...and while you're at it - please - buy a flower for your woman or child, I bet they deserve it ;)

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