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Radio Man: Live and Alive

When we asked Greg Milo why he decides to wake up every morning and ride his bike with loud music across town, he said: “I love music and I love smiling. I don’t do drugs (scared of it, never did anything). This is my addiction”.

Greg is a Delray Beach resident for 3 years. In the past he used to roller blade in Hollywood FL, which is when he got into the habit. “It's not about attention. I love making women, families and kids smile”. In fact, he stirs away from attention, and took a while to agree to an interview with us “Once people know who you are, your balloon is popped…they lose interest. They like that they don't know me. The mystery is more interesting”. When we asked how does he afford riding his bike all day, he said: “People think I'm a millionaire. I’m not, neither am I homeless. But it’s very simple: save money. If you save money, you get more time to do what you want”. Greg has some investments and coins that keep him afloat and allow him to spend his days on the bike. In the past he had different jobs: Bartender, real estate, health insurance, but saving has been his most lucrative business: “I’m actually saving a lot more money just chilling. I spent a lot more money when I was working”.

We finished our conversation asking “is this all you want to do?” ...his answer: “Isn't it enough?” You can find Radio Man on the ave.

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