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Homeless at Veterans Park, 5 day transformation:


Tuesday, 11am, we followed Chris Foster (52 from Burlington Vermont) around Veterans Park and asked him to sit down with us for a chat. He seemed pale, weak, and was on his way to the beach. "I wasn't always like this, you know? I used to be a professional snow skier, like in extreme ski movies. My life turned upside down".

When we chatted with Chris we noticed that he looks sick, he mentioned that he has diabetes and lost his... pills, so we took him to the clinic. Once we arrived he crashed and was taken to Delray Medical center. His blood work was bad, they said that his life was saved. He was there for 3 days, got a shower, a back pack full of clothes from Good Will, tears in his eyes and a new perspective on life "I want to change my life and help people. I believe that it's my purpose in life, and God is giving me another chance now".

We went to the dollar store to get him stuff. All he wanted was a book and reading glasses "I like the wacky ones, colorful".

Since we met on Tuesday, Chris is now in the process of getting into Faith Farm and is getting his ID and SS card. 5 of his homeless friends are joining him as well.

...Sometimes all you need is to know that someone cares.


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