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Stephen Lombardi, Home Is Where The Art Is

“In 2010 I was homeless, I lived in a tent in the woods in New England for 7 months. Sometimes when I would wake in the morning it was only 10 degrees. I lived there with my dog Samantha, several deer and a 17 year old female ghost”.

Stephen Lombardi, a born artist, an awakened spirit and now the new president of the Artists’ Guild recalls: “I have read in several sources over the years that the simple act of believing in something, having faith, opens chemical pathways in the brain which a skeptic does not possess. A believer can perceive things, alternate realities and dimensions that cannot be known to the doubting Thomas. It’s all relative to how we know and experience life...Since I was a young boy I have walked in the woods alone. I always listened to the voices and I have always known that we are surrounded by spirits. No one ever told me that this was nonsense or that it wasn’t true. It was just how it was for me and I took it for granted that it was that way for you. As I moved through life I brought my love of the woods with me and at every new stop along the way I was anxious to explore them”.

Lombardi is committed to bringing back to life the art in Delray Beach. The guild represents over 300 artists and galleries. He can be found during the day at the Artists’ Guild gallery on east Atlantic Ave, an auxiliary of The Boca Raton Museum of Art.

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